Ghanaian Man Spotted Eating Fufu In a Moving Train In London (video)

A Ghanian man was spotted eating Fufu in a Train in London, United Kingdom.

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The Ghanian identified as Don Carlos was seriously eating his fufu in the moving train as if he was in his dining room.

Don Carlos really came prepared for the train travel as he also came along with a small rubber table which he placed his food on while eating.

Hungry train passengers are often seen eating snacks, drinks, and other soft meals while in transit, so when the man was spotted eating such a heavy meal in a moving train, other passengers were mesmerized and then they recorded him while he ate his meal unperturbed.

He served his dish in a large black bowl which is as big as a frying pan… He came prepared ‘the African-man style’ as he didn’t forget to go along with a ‘sack-bag’ which is never missing in African homes.

When he was asked why he ate that kind of meal in a moving train in an interview with ‘Kofi Adoma Nwanwani’, he told Ghanaians’ that he was hungry and had no other option than to, as the whites also eat their native foods wherever they find themselves; as long as it’s available to them…

He also told Ghanaians who think he disgraced the country that they should cut their hypocrisy.

Don Carlos was quoted as saying; “Ask them why they don’t see white people who eat toasts and burgers in the train as a disgrace? Is it because I ate with my hand or because I ate in a train?”

“Tell them the hand was made before the spoon”.

It was discovered that Don Carlos resides in Germany with six of his children of whom 3 are half-castes, and according to him he’s fluent in Spanish, French, English and a number of Ghanaian languages.

Watch The Video Below;



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